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Silver Sands Books is a small, independent publisher. We originally concentrated on helpful books which make technical subjects easy to understand. We now publish books on varied topics—for everyone.

We also have blogs and websites.

We are primarily a GREEN PUBLISHER, using ebooks and "print on demand" (POD) production. This insures that our readers can get up-to-date books at the lowest possible cost with minimal wasted trees, wasted energy and wasted money.

With e and POD we are able to make revisions whenever conditions change, and there is no inventory of obsolete books that must be sold first or destroyed. 

Ebooks are the greenest books. They use electrons—but not paper, ink or glue, or trucks to transport them.


Our original specialties are

publishing and telecommunications.

We won this attractive but absolutely meaningless award, from a company that sells plaques and trophies. We did not buy any, so this photo will have to suffice.



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