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Silver Sands Books is a small, independent publisher. We originally concentrated on helpful books to make technical subjects easy to understand. Our initial specialties were publishing and telecommunications. We now publish books on various topics—for everyone.


Our books are sold and read worldwide and many are bestsellers.

The company was started in 2008, by Michael N. Marcus, a man with about 40 years' experience in writing and publishing. Silver Sands published one book in 2008, three books in 2009, six in 2010, and one to three each year after that.

SILVER SANDS is a beautiful beach and state park on Long Island Sound in Milford, Connecticut—our orginal home town. Charles Island is about a half mile from the beach, and people get to it at low tide by walking across a sandbar (officially a "tombolo") that's covered at high tide. Famous pirate Captain Kidd was in Milford in 1699 before being arrested for piracy and murder. He may have buried treasure on the island. If anyone found it, she or he kept it a secret.

GREEN PUBLISHING: For books which require frequent updating because of changing conditions, Silver Sands Books uses a new book publishing method called print on demand which greatly reduces the time, cost and waste of traditional publishing. Specialized POD printing services can produce and distribute books to online and "bricks-and-mortar" booksellers when they are ordered—even one at a time. There is no waste. 

POD BOOKS are manufactured "just-in-time" like the efficient Kanban system that Toyota developed for making cars with minimal parts on hand. People get fresh books at a reasonable price and they look as good as books made the old fashioned way. Many publishers of all types and sizes use POD. There's no storage expense, and books don't become obsolete before they can be shipped. There are no "remainders" to be sold for a buck a book. There are no unsalable books to be shredded and "pulped." There are no wasted trees.

EBOOKS (electronic books) exist only as digital files. They are made to be read on PC screens, tablets, cellphones and specialized ebook readers provided by several companies including Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. The ebooks don't require paper, ink or glue to manufacture, and can be transported without trucks and stored without bookshelves.

CURSED ISLAND? Charles Island was allegedly cursed three times. The first curse was brought in the 17th century by a Native American chief, whose tribe fought for the island which they felt was sacred. After white settlers defeated the tribe, the chief said, "Any shelter will crumble to the Earth." No building on the island has lasted more than a few years. The second curse was supposedly brought by Captain Kidd in 1699 when he buried his treasure there. Captain Kidd cursed with death anyone who attempted to dig it up. The third curse was supposedly brought in 1721 by five sailors who stole Mexican emperor Guatmozin's treasure. Guatmozin put a curse on the stolen treasure. After four of the five sailors suffered tragic deaths, the last sailor hid the treasure in the basement of a Milford tavern. When it was discovered by a drunk searching for beer, the fifth sailor transported it to Charles Island, moving the third curse with it.

Legend says treasure hunters discovered an iron chest in 1850. As they attempted to open it, a "screeching, flaming skeleton descended from the sky. It lurched into the pit where the chest was, sending forth a shower of blue flames." The treasure hunters dropped their tools and fled from Charles Island. They returned the next day and their tools were gone and the digging site had been smoothed over, as if they'd never been there.

The photo at the top of the page was not taken at Charles Island or at Silver Sands Beach, but it's a nice picture.

Skull and Crossbones

Why did Michael N. Marcus start

Silver Sands Books?

Michael's first book was published by Doubleday in 1976. His second book was published by a smaller company about ten years later. He did not like the books or the income. He was also offered a publishing contract from another company. It tried to cheat him.

In reaction to those unpleasant experiences, Michael formed Silver Sands Books in 2008, intending to publish just one book. Michael liked operating his own publishing company because of the independence, speed and income, and has since published dozens of books.


Michael now looks like he did in 2010, but wears glasses only for closeup work.

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