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Donald John Trump is one of America's worst  presidents, and probably the most hated.
He is a liar, bigot, narcissist, deadbeat, cheat, racist, con artist, flip-flopper, adulterer, sociopath, babbler, phony,  business failure, thief,  tightwad, vulgarian, sexist pig, birther, charlatan, paranoid, plagiarist, xenophobe, striver, slob, coveter, hypocrite, harasser, butt-kisser, an isolationist, appeaser of dictators, obsessive-compulsive, and more.
Many people think that Trump is a criminal who belongs in prison, not in the White House. This book explains why.
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Table of Contents

Getting to Know Trump




Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Trump and the Truth

Ego Above All

An Inspiring Failure

Trump’s Racism

World’s Greatest Everything

Trump’s Crookedness (includes University, Institute, Network, Foundation, hotels, taxes)

The War for the White House

Trump’s Creepy, Crooked Crew

Trump’s Craziness

Trump’s Contempt

Trump’s Incoherence

Trump’s Incompetence

Trump’s Crudeness

Trump’s Collusion

Trump’s Chaos

Trump’s Craving

Trump’s Canine Obsession


An attorney who has known Trump for more than 30 years said the book is "remarkable" and "powerful."

For the future: Trump's Exes: Who Quit & Who Was Fired

Here's the first concept for the cover of the book about Trump's revolving-door administration. Yes, "exes" is a pun for "excess".


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