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Amazon: "#1 New Release in Political Leadership."
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Table of Contents

Getting to Know Trump




Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Trump and the Truth

Ego Above All

An Inspiring Failure

Trump’s Racism

World’s Greatest Everything

Trump’s Crookedness (includes University, Institute, Network, Foundation, hotels, taxes)

The War for the White House

Trump’s Creepy, Crooked Crew

Trump’s Craziness

Trump’s Contempt

Trump’s Incoherence

Trump’s Incompetence

Trump’s Crudeness

Trump’s Collusion

Trump’s Chaos

Trump’s Craving

Trump’s Canine Obsession


An attorney who has known Trump for more than 30 years said the book is "remarkable" and "powerful."

New Book Details the Abundant Evil of Donald Trump 

Milford, CT—What's Wrong With Trump? author Michael N. Marcus says, "In 2016, like many millions of Americans, I had voted for Hillary Clinton to become our 45th president. And, like many millions of Americans, I assumed that there was no way that Donald Trump could beat her. If it were not for our peculiar and archaic Electoral College—plus last-minute interference from FBI Director James Comey just when Clinton’s favorable poll ratings were moving up, and sabotage by Russia—Clinton would have become president. She did not miss by much."

Trump frequently boasted about his "landslide" victory. In truth, his electoral win was no landslide at all. In the popular vote Clinton won by about 2.9 million votes—a margin of 2.1%. That's higher than the victories won by JFK, George W. Bush, Nixon and other recent American presidents.

Donald John Trump is one of America's worst presidents, and probably the most hated.  

The author explains: "He has a long history of being a liar, bigot, narcissist, deadbeat, cheat, racist, con artist, flip-flopper, adulterer, sociopath, babbler, phony, business failure, thief, tightwad, vulgarian, sexist pig, birther, charlatan, paranoid, plagiarist, xenophobe, striver, slob, coveter, hypocrite, harasser, butt-kisser, an isolationist, appeaser of dictators, obsessive-compulsive, and more. Many Americans believe Trump belongs in prison, not in the White House. What's Wrong With Trump? tells why."


Marcus says: "I frequently thought about writing a Trump book and I finally got to the point where I could not take any more and I had to confront the growing evil with my best effort. There were already some fine books about Donald Trump. I particularly recommend those written by Joshua Green, David Cay Johnston and Michael Wolff. Those books are narratives, long sequential stories. This book is different. The subtitle calls it a catalog, and that’s what it is."


The book is a huge collection that describes, defines and demonstrates just how terrible Trump has been—and suggests the damage he is likely to do. Unlike other authors, Marcus did not interview Trump or the White House staff. He explains: "My talent—if any—is my ability to notice, absorb, remember and connect. I am an aggregator and sometimes an instigator. The world needs instigators."

During the 2016 election campaign Marcus established several anti-Trump Facebook groups, designed anti-Trump t-shirts and published an anti-Trump online daily newspaper. In January, 2016 he produced a simple YouTube video about Trump’s OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). He does not expect his work to convert any Trump fans, but feels it is his duty to try. Marcus says, "at the very least, my efforts might provide informative ammunition and a psychological boost for those rebelling against Trump."

Michael N. Marcus is a first-year baby boomer, just a few months older than Donald J. Trump. They were both born in "outer boroughs" of New York City and attended universities in Pennsylvania. Michael has never owned a casino or had sex with a stripper. He's a journalist, editor, bestselling author of more than 40 books, award-winning advertising copywriter, publisher and mostly successful amateur attorney.

What's Wrong With Trump? is available as an oversize 7x10-inch paperback with 316 pages, priced at $15.95, and in multiple ebook formats priced at $5.99. Amazon said the book is the "Number-one new release in political leadership" and it quickly became a bestseller in that category.






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