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about Michael N. Marcus

Michael is a journalist, author, editor, publisher, blogger, Tweeter, maven, raconteur, critic, cynic, explainer, techie, gourmand, advertising copywriter, amateur attorney, and founder and president of AbleComm (“the telecom department store”). 

He has provided the words for nearly 100 websites, blogs and Facebook groups, has been Audio-Video Editor of Rolling Stone, and has written for many other magazines and newspapers. Michael was one of the first writers to humanize hi-fi hardware, describing the equipment with emotion, not math. 

Born in 1946, Michael’s a proud member of the first cohort of the Baby Boom, along with Dolly Parton, Candy Bergen, Donny Trump, Billy Clinton and Georgie Bush. He has a 14-year-old brain imprisoned in a body that's over 70 years old.

At the urging of a misguided guidance counselor, he went to Lehigh University to become an electrical engineer, and was quickly disappointed to learn that engineering was mostly math—and slide rules were not as much fun as soldering irons. 

Michael was one of the few literate people in his engineer-filled freshman dormitory and made money editing term papers. He got into big trouble when he got caught running wire from his dorm room to a friend two floors below, and an inspector found a payphone in his suitcase. He switched from engineering to journalism and his career has often combined technology and writing.

His college apartment had an elaborate and illegal multi-line phone system, a phone booth with a toilet in it, and an invisible phone activated by two hand claps.

Michael lives in Connecticut with his wife Marilyn, the ghost of Hunter the Golden Retriever, and a lot of stuff—including both indoor and outdoor telephone booths, a “Lily Tomlin” switchboard, lots of books, CDs and DVDs, and many black boxes with flashing lights. Marilyn is very tolerant.

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