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New Book Aims to Elevate the Quality of Scam Emails


Milford, CT —According to author/editor Michael N. Marcus, the scam email industry is vital to developing nations. Millions of people worldwide depend on email scamming to finance their most basic needs of food, shelter, medicine, education and transportation. Sadly, the scam business is abysmally unproductive. If the emails were written better, they could produce much more income and help many more people.


In his new book, Anthology of Third-World Email Scams: Learn from the best and worst!, Marcus says, “In many countries scamming is as important an economic activity as ship breaking, mining, farming or weaving. Successful scamming can raise families out of poverty. If a man has access to the Internet, he can transport his family from the Stone Age to the 21st century.”


According to Marcus, “The U.S. Peace Corps has improved farming in the Third World and the Gates Foundation has improved health care. I want to help the Third World by elevating the quality of scamming. Until now, email scamming has had very limited success. The amateur writing with abundant errors meant that the emails fooled very few—only the unsophisticated, the stupid, the desperate, the ‘low-hanging fruit.’ Most scammers have substantial motivation and passion—but not professional skills or sufficient knowledge of economics, geography, history and current events.”


“I want scammers to be professionals, not amateurs,” Marcus continued. “I want scammers’ emails to be produced as perfectly as the fundraising appeals from the Salvation Army and the sales letters from companies that sell expensive construction equipment and luxury homes. With better emails scammers can reach and convince smarter and more sophisticated people who have much more money to pay to the scammers. Untold billions await!”


Although this book seems to provide guidance for online thieves, its actual purposes are benign:


(1) It will help people to avoid becoming victims of online scams.


(2) It will help all writers.


(3) It will particularly help writers in advertising, fundraising and other fields to write more professional, more believable and more productive copy.


(4) It will make people cringe and laugh.


Michael N. Marcus is a journalist, editor, bestselling author of more than 40 books, award-winning advertising copywriter, publisher and mostly successful amateur attorney. His own emails, websites, blogs, ads and brochures have generated millions of dollars in revenue. He has received more than 10,000 scam emails and has fallen for just one of them. Marcus accepted a forged teller’s check for more than $700. The money was lost and the perpetrator was not arrested.


Anthology of Third-World Email Scams: Learn from the best and worst! is published by Silver Sands Books. It is initially available as a $2.99 Kindle ebook from


NOTE: you don’t need to own a Kindle e-reader to read a Kindle-formatted book like this one. You can use a PC, iPad or other tablet, smart phone, Nook, etc.

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